Earlier games in the Final Fantasy franchise featured Black, White, and Red Magic – but FFV introduced something new: Blue Magic. This special magic type brought a unique opportunity to learn and use enemy attacks – an element that has since become part of the series staple gameplay.

A Blue Mage is most similar to its Red counterpart in terms of utility because it doesn’t only focus on attack or defence but rather covers the entire spectrum. There are defensive and offensive skills as well as buffs and debuffs, but there is a catch.

Naturally, the flaw is in the process through which members of the Blue Mage class obtain access to spells. Obtaining any Blue Magic spell is a bit of a conundrum in and of itself because the only way to learn a new aspect of Blue Magic is to experience its effects. Fortunately, you have access to this guide.

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How to learn Blue Magic in FF5?

After unlocking the Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy V, your goal should be to learn its range of abilities.

The Blue Mage can equip usable weapons such as swords and shields before they gain their magical abilities.

As a priority in this class, it’s important to learn Blue Magic spells as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Doing so will make things easier for you throughout the remainder of Final Fantasy 5.

In fact, it might rank as one of the best jobs in FF5, as suggested in our full FF5 jobs guide.

The Blue Mage’s ability to learn Blue Magic spells is known as ‘Learning’ and it takes 20 ABPs to master. Once that is done, they can use the Blue Magic even if they’re not a Blue Mage.

To learn Blue Magic, your characters must be hit by the particular skill. This means that you need to find an enemy that can use the Blue Magic spells, and have them cast it on your designated Blue Mage or character who has the Learning ability. It’s easy!

Here’s some other tips for learning Blue Magic to keep in mind:

You only need to learn each Blue Magic spell once.

Once a character learns a Blue Magic spell in FFV, it can be used by the entire party.

You must win the battle to learn the Blue Magic spell.

You must be victorious in the battle for the character to gain the Blue Magic in FFV, because running away will cause you to forget what was learned.

Blue Magic cannot be silenced, nor Dualcasted.

This power is distinct from other magic abilities – it can’t be paired with other spells for extra damage, but will still bypass status ailments that harm wizards.

The easiest way to learn Blue Magic is via a Beastmaster.

The Beastmaster is capable of controlling the actions of enemies, so that you can direct Blue Mage castings with precision. This is particularly useful for opponents with AI that won’t use their Blue Magic abilities on their own, and must be triggered manually by a Beastmaster.

In the late game, Azulmagia can help to fill in the gaps.

You can find these enemies in the Interdimensional Rift, and they have access to almost all of the Blue Magic spells from FF5. That said, following this guide might spare you that grind.

Now that we have that discussed, let’s focus on the Blue Magic spells themselves – their abilities, what enemies it can be obtained from, and when they can first be learned.

Blue Magic Spell List & how to gain Blue Magic skills

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FFV Blue Magic: Goblin Punch

The Goblin returns in FF5, where it can be summoned to deliver the Blue Magic attack of Goblin Punch. This non-elemental move will deal more physical damage if the levels of the target and caster are equal.

  • Learn from: Goblin, Black Goblin, Gilgamesh, Gobbledygook, Azulmagia
    • Sahagin, Nix (via Beastmaster only)
  • Earliest acquisition: Black Goblin enemies in the Wind Shrine.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 0MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Aero

A classic magical attack, this deals Wind-elemental damage to enemies at the cost of just 4MP.

  • Learn from: Moldwynd, Gigas, Magissa, Mykale, Azulmagia
    • Defeater (via Beastmaster only)
  • Earliest acquisition: Moldwynd enemies in the Wind Shrine.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 4MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Vampire

The Vampire Blue Magic absorbs HP from your opponent and grants some of it to you, at a cost of 2MP. Its name implies its purpose quite accurately.

  • Learn from: Steel Bat, Blood Slime, Abductor, Zombie Dragon, Enkidu, Dark Aspic, Python, Mercury Bat, Azulmagia
    • Achelon, Dechirer, Shadow (via Beastmaster only – and requires you to heal MP to the enemy first)
  • Earliest acquisition: Steel Bat enemies in the Pirates’ Hideout.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 2MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Flash

Flash is an attack that can cause Blindness on all foes. It costs 7 MP.

  • Learn from: Crew Dust, Ramuh, Neon, Gilgamesh, Necrophobe, Azulmagia, Parthenope
    • Headstone (requires enemy’s MP to be healed)
    • Orukat, Stone Mask (requires MP healing and Beastmaster control)
  • Earliest acquisition: Go to the North Mountain and interact with the Headstone to acquire it, then use an Ether to enable its attack.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 7MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Pond’s Chorus

This Blue Magic causes one target to be afflicted with the unpleasant Toad status effect, an attack no one wants to have to endure. It costs 5MP.

  • Learn from: Elf Toad, Archeotoad, Kornago, Farfarello, Gilgamesh, Azulmagia. Lemure
    • Vilia (requires Beastmaster control)
  • Earliest Acquisition: To acquire the Elf Toad’s spell, go to Walse Tower and take out all enemies other than the Elf Toad. This will induce the enemy to cast its spell first.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 5MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Moon Flute

This spell confers the Berserk status effect on all members of your party, and is useful in certain scenarios requiring a lot of force. 3MP is required to cast it.

  • Learn from: Jackanapes, Page 256, Mykale
  • Earliest acquisition: Jackanapes in Walse Tower. Bear in mind, this is a very difficult battle unless you’re seriously overleveled.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 3MP
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FFV Blue Magic: ????

This is arguably the most mysterious spell in the game, without a name or any description whatsoever. We can tell you what it does, though – at the cost of 3MP, it deals piercing non-elemental damage to one target. The damage dealt will be equal to your max HP minus your current HP – meaning the tankier you are, the harder it’ll hit.

  • Learn from: Kuza Beast, Tyrannosaur, Wild Nakk, Behemoth, Azulmagia
    • King Behemoth, Mecha Head, Traveler (requires Beastmaster control)
    • Gel Fish, Numb Blade (requires Beastmaster control & MP restore)
  • Earliest acquisition: Wild Nakk, the wolf-like enemies located in Karnak Castle’s forests, are the earliest that can be acquired. They are also a great source of Gil if you want to grind for it.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 3MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Self Destruct

Fans of Final Fantasy will recognize the signature skill of Bomb enemies as part of the classic series. In FF5, this Blue spell costs 1 MP only and deals damage which equals the caster’s HP to a single enemy – but it will also kill the caster.

  • Learn from: Motor Trap, Bomb, Purobolos, Grenade, Gilgamesh
    • Prototype, Unknown (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: You need to find Motor Trap. You can find it in the Fire-Powered Ship. To have it cast cast Self Destruct, simply hit it with Thunder element magic.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 1MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Aerora

You may recall from the Wind Shrine we were able to use the Aero spell? Upgrading from that, there is the Aerora Blue Magic which causes wind element damage to enemies. The cost of this magic is 10 MP.

  • Learn from: Gigas, Enchanted Fan, Page 32, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Abductor, Azulmagia
    • Galajelly (Beastmaster control required)
  • Earliest acquisition: Gigas are the enemies from which you can learn this Blue Spell. They’re locatedin Karnak Castle. Please bear in mind that these enemies are rare encounters from the treasure chests that trigger encounters.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 10MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Death Claw

This powerful attack reduces the enemy’s HP to 9 or less, and paralyzes them at the same time. The cost for this move is 21 MP.

  • Learn from: Death Claw, Treant, Gilgamesh, Soul Eater, Iron Claw, Azulmagia
    • Objet d’Art, Strapparer (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest Acquisition: The Iron Claw boss battle in Karnak Castle is the earliest opportunity to obtain this item, however, it may not be wise to take a hit while trying to get it.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 21MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Aqua Breath

Don’t be fooled by this physical attack that actually dishes out non-elemental damage. However, it does deal superior damage to desert dwelling enemies. It costs 38 MP to cast.

  • Learn from: Dhorme Chimera, Manticore, Leviathan, Bahamut, Crystal, Enuo, Famed Mimic Gogo, Azulmagia
    • Aquagel (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: You can get this Blue Spell from Dhorme Chimera, discovered first in the Library of the Ancients area.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 38 MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Transfusion

This expensive move, costing 13 MP, is rarely used and requires the user to sacrifice their own HP and MP in order to completely restore the HP and MP of a selected target.

  • Learn from: Mithril Dragon, Gargoyle, Birosotris, Devilfish, Unknown #169, Mover (Beastmaster always required)
  • *Earliest acquisition: The earliest way to get this Blue Spell is from the Mythril Dragon enemy in the Library of the Ancients. Please note that you’ll need to force it to cast the Blue Magic using a Beastmaster.
  • Blue Magic Cost: 13MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Missile

This Blue Magic spell reduces a target’s HP to one-quarter its original value. It costs 7 MP to use.

  • Learn from: Prototype, Rocket Launcher, Enkidu, Gilgamesh, Mecha Head, Soul Cannon, Azulmagia
    • Motor Trap (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: Yo ucan get this Blue Spell first from Motor Trap, found on the Fire-Powered Ship. A Beastmaster is required though.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 7MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Level 5 Death

This Blue Spell is another Final Fantasy staple that made its debut as a FFV Blue Magic. It basically kills enemies whose level is a 5 multiple (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on, you get the idea). It costs 22MP.

  • Learn from: Page 64, Level Checker, Executor, Enuo, Azulmagia
    • Level Tricker (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: You can get this Blue Magic from Page 64, which is found in the Library of the Ancients.
  • For this specific skill, there is a caveat! As casting Blue Magic requires the spell to be successfully cast on you, your learner will need to be on a level which is divisible by 5 (any level number that ends in either 0 or 5). The spell must be cast on them by Page 64 or another monster. Finally, complete the battle to acquire the ability. Therefore, not being of a suitable level and failing when attempting to have the spell cast on you won’t allow you to learn the Blue Magic.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 22MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Off-Guard

Cuts the target’s defense stat in half. Straightforward stuff. 19MP a pop.

  • Learn from: Magic Dragon, Ziggurat Gigas, Ushabti, Azulmagia
    • Page 256, Shadow, The Damned (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: Page 256 in the Library of the Ancients.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 19MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Magic Hammer

Cuts the target’s MP stat in half. Just as straightforward as Off-Guard! This one costs 3MP to cast.

  • Learn from: Byblos, Drippy, Apanda, Azulmagia
    • Oiseaerare, Cursed Being (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: You can get this Blue Magic from Byblos, the mandatory boss fight in Library of the Ancients.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 3MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Dark Spark

Dark Spark is another Blue Magic spell that cuts the target’s level in half, making it a convenient move against some of the game’s hardier foes. It costs 27MP

  • Learn from: Black Flame, Strapparer, Ushabti, Azulmagia
    • Shadow, Druid (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: You can get this Blue Magic from Black Flame monster located on the islands near the town of Crescent.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 27 MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Flame Thrower

As expected, Flame Thrower is a Fire-elemental spell that dishes decent damage out against a single target for just 5MP.

  • Learn from: Prototype, Mecha Head, Flame Thrower, Omega, Triton, Great Dragon, Azulmagia
    • Mindflayer (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: The earliest way you can get this Blue Magic is while you look for the Black Flame around Crescent islands. Be aware that Prototype may also be there.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 5MP
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FFV Blue Magic: White Wind

White Wind is a signature feature of the Final Fantasy series that can heal all team members for as much health as the caster has when it’s used. Very useful if the caster is in better condition than everyone else.

  • Learn from: Enchanted Fan, Dark Elemental, White Flame, Hellraiser, Enkidu, Parthenope, Necromancer, Azulmagia (Beastmaster is necessary for all of the above)
  • Earliest acquisition: In order to get White Wind, you will need a Beastmaster use Control on an Enchanted Fan during your trip through the Ronka Ruins.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 28MP
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FFV Blue Magic: 1000 Needles

In the Final Fantasy series, the Cactuar’s attack is famous as it deals 1000 damage to a single target.

  • Learn from: Lamia Queen, Azulmagia
    • Lamia, Cactus, Hedgehog, Lemure, Mykale (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: Look for Lamia in the Ronka Ruins. Bring a Beastmaster.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 25MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Level 4 Graviga

For just 9MP, you can use the Blue Magic spell to reduce any enemy with a level that is a multiple of 4 to only one fourth of its initial HP – an incredibly helpful ability in the right context.

  • Learn from: Ghidra, Level Tricker, Level Checker, Executor, Azulmagia.
  • Earliest acquisition: Ghidra in the Ronka Ruins. Make sure your learner’s level is divisible by 4.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 9MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Time Slip

Time Slip places Old and Sleep on your enemy, draining 9MP. Sleep is simple to understand, while Old will lower the target’s level and speed stats gradually.

  • Learn from: Traveler (in the Barrier Tower), Gilgamesh, Azulmagia
    • Cherie, Mykale (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: To get this Blue Magic, you need to look for The Traveler enemy, which can be found in Barrier Tower.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 9MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Level 3 Flare

If your enemies’ levels are divisible by 3, using the powerful Flare spell will grant you an advantage. The spell requires 18MP to cast.

  • Learn from: Level Checker, Executor, Tunneler, Exdeath, Shinryu
    • Red Dragon, Archeosaur (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: You can learn Level 3 Flare by the Red Dragon found in the Monster-in-a-box treasure chest at Barrier Tower.
  • You have to be a certain level in order to learn the Level 3 Flare Spell; the level must be divisible by 3 and you must successfully cast it.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 18MP
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FFV Blue Magic: Level 2 Old

This attack inflicts the Old debuff on all enemies with even-numbered levels, reducing their stats gradually over the course of the battle and costing 11MP.

  • Learn from: Magic Dragon, Level Checker, Executor, Shinryu, Azulmagia
    • Level Tricker (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: The Level Tricker enemy at Barrier Tower.
  • In order to learn this, your character level must be divisible by 2; then it will cast successfully on you and enable you to learn the spell.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 11MP
ffv blue magic

FFV Blue Magic: Aeroga

Wind-elemental spell Aeroga is the strongest wind-based attack that Blue Mages can use. It has a cost of 24 MP and will surely leave your opponents feeling the pain.

  • Learn from: Metamorph, Magic Dragon, Elm Gigas, Baldanders, Dark Elemental, Grand Aevis, Enchanted Fan, Neo Exdeath
    • Cherie, Ziggurat Gigas (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: The Metamorph foe in Ghido’s Cave uses Aeroga whenever it’s assumed the form of an Enchanted Fan.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 24MP
ffv blue magic

FFV Blue Magic: Lilliputian Lyric

Lilliputian Lyric can reduce your enemy’s threat by applying the Mini status, costing 5MP.

  • Learn from: Mini Magician, Gilgamesh, Cherie, Farfarello, Azulmagia
    • Vilia, Mykale (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: Mini Magician in the Great Forest of Moore.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 5MP
ffv blue magic

FFV Blue Magic: Doom

The Doom spell puts a 30-second countdown above the target’s head – once those 30 seconds are up, the target will perish instantly. 10MP cost.

  • Learn from: Death Dealer, Unknown, Exdeath
    • Jackanapes, The Damned (Beastmaster required)
  • Earliest acquisition: Jackanapes. But as we’ve previously mentioned, he’s going to be tough during you first rodeo in Walse Tower.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 10MP
ffv blue magic

FFV Blue Magic: Roulette

This Blue Magic spell is quite hazardous as it randomly selects, and then destroys, one target from all participants in the battle – even your own party! Not a practical choice for any blue mage.

  • Learn from: Parthenope, Death Dealer, Shinryu, Azulmagia
  • Earliest acquisition: You can learn the Blue Magic spell Roulette from Parthenope in the Phoenix Tower.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 6MP
ffv blue magic

FFV Blue Magic: Mighty Guard

Mighty Guard, one of the most well-known Blue Magic spells, defends your entire party with Protect, Shell, and Float – though it costs a steep 72MP.

  • Learn from: Ironclad, Stingray, Shinryu, Azulmagia; all of which need to be controlled via Beastmaster.
  • Earliest acquisition: To learn this Blue Magic, you’ll have to use a Beastmaster to make a Stingray found in the seas above Walse Tower cast it after the two worlds join together. An airship is needed to get there. This move has been available since the start of the game.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 72MP
ffv blue magic

FFV Blue Magic: Mind Blast

This attack causes a moderate amount of damage and has the added effect of applying Sap and Paralyze spells to a single target, costing only 6MP.

  • Learn from: Wendigo, Mindflayer, Twintania, Azulmagia
  • Earliest acquisition: In the Island Shrine Dungeon, look for the Wendigo foe who has this spell.
  • Blue Magic MP Cost: 6MP

FFV Blue Magic FAQ

What is FFV Blue Magic?

FFV Blue Magic is a type of magic featured in the game Final Fantasy V. It allows certain characters to learn and use abilities that are used by monsters in the game.

How to gain Blue Magic FF5?

To learn FFV Blue Magic, a character must be equipped with the “Blue Mage” job class and successfully have a monster use the desired ability on them in battle. The character will then learn the ability and be able to use it in future battles.

Can any character learn FFV Blue Magic?

No, only characters with the “Blue Mage” job class are able to learn FFV Blue Magic.

How many FFV Blue Magic abilities are there?

There are a total of 30 FFV Blue Magic abilities that can be learned in the game.

Can FFV Blue Magic abilities be used in any situation?

Some FFV Blue Magic abilities can only be used in specific situations or against certain types of enemies. It is important to carefully read the description of each ability to understand its limitations.

Do FFV Blue Magic abilities use MP?

Yes, FFV Blue Magic abilities use MP. 

Can FFV Blue Magic abilities be used in conjunction with other abilities or magic?

Yes, FFV Blue Magic abilities can be used in conjunction with other abilities and magic. However, certain abilities may have restrictions on when they can be used.

Does learned blue magic carry between characters in FF5?

Absolutely! Once a character learns a spell, it can be used by the entire party.