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Final Fantasy 1 Walkthrough, Magic info, Character info, and other stuff.

Final Fantasy 1, the first game in the iconic Final Fantasy series, was released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Despite its age, the game remains a beloved classic among fans of the series and RPG gamers alike. Whether you’re a newcomer to the game or a seasoned veteran, this walkthrough will guide you through the game’s various challenges and help you uncover all of its secrets. From the initial quest to save the princess to the final confrontation with the evil Chaos, this Final Fantasy 1 walkthrough will provide you with all the information you need to master the game.

Here are some details for those who are familiar with Final Fantasy but haven’t played this particular title. There are some Final Fantasy games staples that are absent from this one. The only Final Fantasy without chocobos or a character named cid is Final Fantasy 1. In Final Fantasy 2, those two concepts first arise.

Only 3, 5, 6, 9, and sort of 7, 8, 10 contain moogles. In this game, there aren’t any summoned creatures either. Not until Final Fantasy 3j do they appear. However, Bahamut does not appear as a summoned monster in Final Fantasy 1, only as a character. The previous Final Fantasy games, like this one, required you to purchase magic from stores that sold it.

This was accomplished in 1, 2, and 3j. In game 4, you get it by levelling up; in game 5, you buy it again; in game 6, you learn it from espers (summoned monsters); in game 7, you use it from materia; in game 8, you junction it; in game 9, you learn it from weapons and armour; in game 10, you get it from the sphere grid; and in game 10, blah, blah, blah.

PART I. Character Descriptions

Here is a list of the characters along with some background information. You can visit the pillar maze after obtaining the airship to obtain the rats tail, then travel to Bahamut to obtain your character’s “improvement.” As a result, your characters will be a little stronger and have access to more magic and weapons.

WARRIOR (FIGHTER in old version)

Upgrades to KNIGHT

The warrior is the most resilient character in Final Fantasy 1. He has access to practically all of the game’s armour and weapons. The fighter is the only one who can utilise the priciest gear. He can use the majority of the white magic in levels 1-3 once he is upgraded to a knight, therefore wouldn’t that make him a paladin like Cecil? He can only utilise spells that cause harm or healing, and he can only get a maximum of three spell levels. These men ought to be there at every gathering.

MONK (BLACK BELT in old version)

Upgrades to MASTER

The monk is a rather flimsy figure. He has an extremely strong physical assault, but he will never be able to use magic. He starts to battle better without any weapons at about level 10, which is why I mentioned he is inexpensive. He will attack significantly more effectively at level 20 or so than a knight without a weapon, making him a KICK ASS CHARACTER! In this game, monks and masters cannot use a lot of armour. The monk often stinks for the first half of the game, but if you give him time, he turns out to be one of the best characters (even better than Yang or Sabin or Tifa or Zell or Amarant/Salamander).


Upgrades to NINJA

Thieves aren’t really good at stealing, but they can fight. They excel at one thing in particular: avoiding conflict. He will have access to all levels 1-4 of black magic once he becomes a ninja.


Upgrades to BLACK WIZARD

This small person has access to ALL the game’s black magic. He is, nevertheless, the physically weakest fighter. Before learning any level 7 or level 8 spells, as well as some of the level 5 spells, he must be promoted to a black wizard.


Upgrades to WHITE WIZARD

Same as before. A white mage or wizard, however, can only utilise white magic; no black magic is allowed. The white mage’s attack power is a little bit higher than a black mage’s or wizard’s, which is the only other distinction.


Upgrades to RED WIZARD

The red mage is peculiar in Final Fantasy 1. His physical strength is comparable to that of a robber. He has a limited capacity for both black magic and white magic. He is unable to cast spells of great power. Additionally, he acquires magic at a slower rate than a black or white mage or wizard. Actually, it’s not the best idea to utilise this character. The red mage kind of stinks, as you may know if you’ve played Final Fantasy 5.

In both this game and Final Fantasy 5, having a red mage at the start of the game is highly recommended. You cannot change the characters’ jobs or other attributes in this Final Fantasy, but you may in Final Fantasy 5. The red mage in Final Fantasy 5 takes 999 AP to master. Near the end of the game, it is completely not worthwhile. Anyhow, unless you’ve completed the game before and want to try something new, avoid using a red mage.

PART II. What party mix should I use in Final Fantasy 1?

Choose your four characters from from the six available classes as you begin a new game. Considering that you will be using these characters for the entire game, this may be a very difficult decision. Remember that while there aren’t really any bad pairings, some are definitely preferable to others. There should be a warrior on each side. It would be difficult to have four white mages. You don’t need to read this or any other information about the game if you can win with that party.

Here is what I recommend:


This is a good party for the first time you play the game. You have a good balance of physical fighting and magic.


Another good one for the fist time playing the game. However, your physical force will not be quite as great.


This is another good combination but it would be very expensive. I would find this to be kind of a boring party myself. Some people, however, swear by this party.


Try this if you want lots of physical fighting and little magic. Playing a game with this party may be a little tricky though.


This is an interesting mix if you already beat the game before with a Warrior, Monk, Black Mage, White Mage.


Uh… you may wish you had a white mage latter in the game.


Well… if you feel adventurous.

PART III. Final Fantasy I Walkthrough

So, there you go. This walkthrough is as rational as I could make it. Please remember that there are two variants. The black belt is now referred to as a monk (as it should be), the fighters from the previous version are now referred to as warriors, and so forth. Although I am more accustomed to the names of the older version, I am also currently playing the newer version for the first time, so occasionally I may use different names for the same items.

But I’ll make an effort to utilise the newer, more accurate nomenclature. Also keep in mind that I’ll be presuming you’re playing the FF Origins version with a party of Warrior, Monk, Black Mage, and White Mage as I write this tutorial. The location you will be at will be written next to each section of the walkthrough. Names from the original NES version are those in parentheses.


You will choose four characters to utilise throughout the entire game when you choose a new one. So use caution and make sure you read the information about the party mix that is recommended above. I definitely recommend the warrior, monk, black mage, and white mage party if this is your first time. You must also give your characters names. What you name them doesn’t matter at all. While playing the game, I realise that I hardly ever pay attention to the names. Use your imagination, please. Try using names like cloud-sabin-vivi-rosa, luke-han-obiwan-leia, jerry-george-kramer-elaine, etc. if you utilise the party I advised for the first time.

CORNELIA (Corneria)

Now, the game will begin with you in the centre of a field in front of a town and a castle. Corneria is the name of the town, and you will be stuck here for a time. Entrance to the town is now open. Go to the gun store. Get a rapier for your red mage, thief, or warrior. Get your white wizard a hammer, your black wizard a staff, and your monk some wooden nunchucks. Let’s now proceed to the armour store. Any warrior or red mage can wear chain mail. Your monk and thief should wear wooden armour, and the white and black wizards should wear fabric.

It’s time to use some magic now. Since you are probably running low on money by this point, you really only need to buy one spell for each mage for the time being. I recommend CURE and FIRE. Let’s head outside right away to gain some experience. Goblins are primarily the foes around here (or Imps if you are playing the old version).

Unfortunately, “Goblin Punch” from the other games will not be used. Try to reach level 3, but if you don’t want to spend all of your time fighting goblins, level 2 will do. When you are prepared, return to the town and go to the inn. The only locations where you can save your game to a memory card are in inns. You won’t be able to use the PSX version’s memo feature if you’re playing the outdated version.

After a short break and a game save, proceed to the temple of fiends. Northwest of Corneria, it is. Do not bother exploring the rooms when you first arrive because they are locked at the moment. Instead, move in the direction of the princess. You and Garland will now engage in combat. (Are you familiar with him from Final Fantasy 9) I wonder if he is related to the Wizard of Oz actress. Garland shouldn’t be too big of a problem because it has roughly 100 HP.

Just make sure no character’s HP drops too far. You will return to Corneria castle following the battle. Just north of the town, the monarch constructs a bridge for you because he is pleased. You’ll receive a flute or anything else from the princess. Hold onto it since you will need it later in the game even though it is useless right now. I would have expected the monarch to lavishly shower me with complimentary armour and weaponry.

That idiot. After some rest, begin your journey north. Be wary of the new beasts. Given that they are on par with Garland in strength, if not stronger, the ogre is definitely quite difficult for you right now. Snakes should also be avoided since they can poison you. In this game, you never want to start out poisoned. Up until you reach Matoya’s home, keep moving north and around some water. She complains that she can’t see because her crystal eye is missing.

Take everything she has and run. But before you go, pay attention to what the dancing brooms say. They will say: TCELES B HSUP if you are playing the older version. That is the reverse of PUSH B SELECT. Try it outside, and you’ll receive a map of the entire world. Yippee! The brooms will speak elcric d’na trats to those of us who are playing Final Fantasy Origins. Start and circle around means that. To view the map, hold down the circle button and hit start. Backtrack to the bridge now. Once you can see the bridge again, turn east and pass directly beneath the mountains. The next village is Provoka, which can be reached after a long walk (but watch out for the dangerous beasts).

PRAVOCA (provoka)

There is one thing you must do first when you arrive in town. In the upper left corner of the town, there is a big, terrible asshole with an eye patch. Bikke the pirate is that person, and he has been causing issues for residents of the town (actually, I think the guy with the green mohawk is scarier). You need to give him the boot. When you speak to him, he will send some of his pirates to attack you rather than engage in physical combat. Nine pirates will engage you in combat; although they appear formidable, they are not. These men possess strength comparable to goblins.

Bikke will give you his ship if you clean the floor with them. You will use this spacecraft for a considerable amount of time. Don’t worry about it now; the ship is waiting for you outside the town. You must stop by a few of the stores. You must go and battle for money whenever necessary since I know you won’t have enough to buy whatever I am going to advise you to. Anyhow, let’s first visit the black magic shop. Order ice1. Everything else is bad. For the time being, don’t even bother going to the white magic store. It’s all garbage.

Later on in the game, when you have money to spend, purchase those spells. Let’s get to the gun store right away. Purchase a broadsword for your Red Mage and Warrior. For your theif, get a scimitar. The Battle Axe is not required. Purchase leather gloves for each of your characters in the armour store. Your warrior wouldn’t suffer much from a leather shield. Look at that steel plate protection. Although you will need that armour and it is good, the price seems a bit high. Be at ease. When you absolutely need it, you should have enough money to buy it.

You must now invest some time in levelling up and gaining a lot of Gil. You can now travel between three distinct towns with your boat. Use the inn at Corneria if you want to spend as little money as possible there. You will reach elf land if you travel south from Corneria. I’ll discuss elfland in the section after this one, but for now, let me mention a fantastic resource for gil and experience. From Provoka, travel east to get here.

As soon as you pass the mountains, turn and walk north. You ought to arrive at a peninsula’s tip. You will engage in combat with some really powerful monsters as you traverse this peninsula back and forth. Before facing these enemies, you will probably need to level up a little elsewhere. However, you will gain a tonne of experience and gil if you can defeat them. But before you can succeed there, you should probably gather gil and experience close to Elfland.

ELFHEIM (Elfland)

Time to visit elf country. From Provoka, head west, then south, until you come upon a port where you can dock your boat. Take your boat south from Corneria and you will almost immediately arrive at the harbour for Elf Land. (Well, not quite, but near enough.) You can find elf territory and a castle if you travel a bit south through the forest. Visit the town itself first. Let’s start by looking at the armoury. Since your monk will eventually battle without a weapon, iron nunchucks are not actually necessary, but if you have the money, get them anyway. Your black wizard would benefit from a dagger. It’s a terrible crosier. Purchase the Saber for your Red Mage and Thief.

For your warrior, you will undoubtedly need the mythril sword. Ahhhhhhh!!! Take a look at the price! 4000??? Yes, it is correct. This weapon IS A NEED. But don’t be concerned. Keep fighting and gaining experience, and in no time at all you should have enough to purchase that sword. I might also add that you should give this sword top importance. Before you find a newer, better sword, you will use this one for a very long time. I must head to the armoury! The steel plate is once more available for the same cost. For your black and white wizards, the pricey copper armlet is a good investment, but you won’t need it for a long, and those weapons aren’t as crucial as the mythril sword. Get your fighter a helmet and the iron shield. For the rest, leather hats.

Instead of the typical two magic shops, this town boasts four. You should purchase fire2 and bolt2 as soon as you can afford them in the level 3 black magic shop. You need the items cure2, dia2 (hurts the undead), and nulfire from the level 3 white magic shop. Let’s examine level 4 black magic now. You will require ice2 and haste. Esuna and Nulice are the two people you seek in the level 4 white magic shop. Keep in mind that you do not immediately require these spells.

I’m only telling you what I suggest you eat before continuing the game. Find the sleeping elf at the castle if you’re interested. To awaken, he needs a specific herb. There is a lot of “levelling up” to accomplish right now. I advise levelling up significantly right now. Ogres are everywhere, especially in elf land, and they provide tonnes of money and fantastic experience. The privateers or whatever are another great enemy to rob of gold (Kyzoku in the old version).

When you fight them from your boat, they give you a buttload of Gil (but not much experience). Try the region I mentioned previously with the extremely difficult creatures on the tip of the peninsula when you are around level 6 or 7 and also have some respectable spells like fire2 and bolt2. When you’re at level 10 or about there, it’s time to advance and visit the marsh cave.


I advise stocking up on antidotes before entering the marsh cave because you will continually get poisoned there. From elfland, go west. Once you come to some water, go up a little, west a little, up a little more, and then south along the ocean’s edge until you come to a hole in the ground. The marsh hole is there. Sorry, I mean the marsh cave. This place is awful. Run from the battles, as I always do here, if you want to get this location over with quickly. With the exception of all the toxins, this area is actually not that difficult.

You can reach a dead end with a broadsword, a dagger, and 1300 gil by ascending from the entrance. To continue with this location, descend. Go down the left branch of the route. The alternate route to nowhere. Do not turn left when you get to the following floor. It leads nowhere and has no hidden treasure. Turn right. On this floor, nothing is present. To move to the following floor, travel to the bottom right of this one. The first chamber you encounter on this floor has a steel plate inside of it. The two rooms to the right of the third have 295 gil, but the other two have nothing. A Copper Armlet and a cottage are located in the first two rooms in the second row, starting from the left. The third and fourth ones are empty.

The first room on the left is vacant in the third row, but the second chamber is where you came to this hellhole for in the first place. Four piscodemons will attack you as you approach the chest (wizards in old version). Just blast bolt2 all over them, and they shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. You now possess your crown. There are 385 gil in the third chamber. The fourth space is empty. For the time being, ignore the doors on the bottom row of rooms because they are all locked with the magical key.

It’s time to leave this place immediately. Strive towards the top. Go back to Elfland and take some rest if you are at all unwell. If not, proceed from the marsh cave north along the coast until you come across a castle. The king that you find within is actually astos, the dark elf. Do you recall this character from Final Fantasy 4’s cave where heavy weapons are prohibited? Anyway, give him the boot. This person might be a bit difficult. The reaper attack is an instant death attack, so I hope he doesn’t use it on you or that it fails.

Give one or two of your characters the haste spell. Use ice and bolt attacks after that. If the white mage is not busy healing, have him or her cast invis on the characters. You acquire Matoya’s crystal eye after he passes away. Do not worry with the other doors in this location just yet because they are locked with the magical key.


Backtrack all the way to Matoya’s. Return her eye so she will stop whining. She is so appreciative that she gives you a plant to help the prince get up. What will happen next, can you guess? The elf prince wakes up and, out of pure love for you, offers you the mystic key. It’s time to open lots of doors. First, let’s visit Corneria Castle. A sword, a mythril knife, a crosier, an iron shield, a steel plate, and last but not least, some nitro powder are among the items you will discover. To advance in the game, you need the nitro powder. However, there are still a few more rooms to open. Go to the temple of the demons.

A tent, a potion, a werebane, a gold needle, and a rune sword are among the items you’ll discover. Go now to the castle in Elfland. When you arrive, circle around the left-hand exterior walls until you get to a room. Bronze gloves, a mythril hammer, and 730 gil will be yours. Visit Astos Castle right away. You can find a falchion, steel gloves, and a power staff in the treasure chamber.

There is only one location remaining with sealed treasure. bog marsh. Go to the far southern row of previously sealed rooms on the bottom floor of the cave if you want to return there in search of wealth. For a silver armlet, you must defeat a different set of piscodemons in the first one on the left. More piscodemons and a mythril knife were found in the second room. The third space is empty. More piscodemons and 1020 gil can be found in the fourth room. Get the hell out of there!


It is now time to use that nitro powder. Turn west from Corneria until you reach land. Then proceed along the country till you come to a port. Park at the port, then proceed south and to the port’s left. You ought to locate a cave. The dwarf cave is there. Rally, Lali, and hey! Anyhow, tally-ho. When you speak with the blacksmith, he will mention adamantine. Later on in the game, worry about that. Look around the area and take anything of value from any rooms.

Almost all of the armour and weaponry you will uncover are junk, but if you sell them all, it would be quite profitable. You can take your boat to the open sea if you speak with the dwarf searching for the nitro powder; he will blast away a canal for you. Take your boat across this new canal and continue sailing southward for a little while to arrive in Melmond, a brand-new settlement.


This town has suffered severe damage. Let’s first visit the gun store. You should sell whatever you bought in the dwarf cave and anything else you have in your inventory because this shop has nothing worthwhile to offer. Because some of these weapons are so expensive, you could believe that they are good, but trust me when I say that you should sell them.

Visit the armour store. Check out the knight’s armour! You’d better begin producing 45000 gil immediately. For your mage, attempt to obtain silver armlets as well. Check out the white magic store. You need to put effort towards obtaining cure3, life1, and dia3.

To the black magic store now. Warp1 and Fire3 are required. Actually, you won’t be able to use warp until later in the game, once your characters have been enhanced. Obtain poison as well if you like. Monsters aren’t actually poisoned by it. Actually, it is a spell that instantly kills. I believe the spell’s previous name, bane, should have remained. Poison is a mystery.

It would be wise to level up more right now. It would probably be best to return to the peninsula’s tip near Provoka for the time being. However, I’ll explain a place in the following section where every step you take pits you against a behemoth. Simply level up until you have enough Gil, or more if necessary, to purchase the items in Melmond. Try the region full of giants that I will describe in the following part if you get tired of the peninsula’s tip.


It is now time to determine why the world is decaying. From Melmond, travel a short distance west, then a distance south, to the terra cavern. When the trail splits, keep to the right and continue walking along the shoreline; you should eventually come across the cave, cavern, or whatever. In this area, beware of cockatrice. They will poison you, same as other opponents will.

You will find yourself in the middle of several routes, each of which leads to various things. Take the east way to disregard everything on this floor and move on. Take the road to the left that loops around if you want to face many of giants. With each step you take over there, giants will challenge you to a combat. For 1975 gil, ascend.

To find an antidote, a potion, and 1675 gil, head south-east. If you want to find a dead end, turn south. Take the east route to keep going. The coral sword on the next floor’s northeast corner is useless; sell it. There’s also a tent there, along with 330 gil. The floor’s southernmost section holds a wooden shield and 5575 gil. A series of rooms run along the right wall of the third floor. There is a sleeping bag in the bottom room. While the upper room is empty, the middle room has a potion.

This floor’s northernmost room costs 3400 gil. However, Gnoma will attack you if you stand directly in front of this chest of treasure. Simply take the treasure from the side to avoid this battle. Keep in mind this advice for the remainder of the game since numerous more treasure chests are defended by really challenging foes.

The chamber in the northwest is empty. Gil is present in the western room. You’ll eventually have to battle the vampire. This man is illiterate. Get your star ruby out of the treasure chest by kicking him in the behind. A later with a cover over it is located immediately outside the vampires’ tiny room. You still can’t get down there. Exit the cave. You might wish to return to Melmond to save money and get some rest.

When the land separates, turn left this time and continue south. Visit Titan by entering this cave. He will allow you through if you provide him the star ruby. Go to the southern part of the cave and take the Mythril Helmet, Great Axe (crap), and 1070 gil before you leave the opposite side.

Exit the cave after that, then go see the sage. To lift the plate off the ground directly behind the vampire’s hangout, he will offer you the Earth Rod. If you require more time, return to Melmond and save before returning to Terra Cavern. Return to the room where the vampire was and use the earth rod (go to your key items in the menu) to pry the plate off the floor before entering the hole.

There are two rooms on this floor, one on the bottom left and one in the north. There is a staff and 11825 gil in the northern room. There is a cabin, a silver shield, and 1250 gold in the bottom left room. The door to this room is located in the top left corner, way over there. There is no treasure on the upper floor. Prepare to battle Lich by moving to the left side of this room.

Use your warrior and monk to pelt this man with physical blows (what else can they do?). Since fire is a weakness of the lich, have your black mage use it to cast spells. He shouldn’t be too challenging if you employ fire3, but watch out for his potent magic strikes. Congrats! Your first crystal item—or orb if you’re playing the NES version—was obtained. Just 3 more are left. You may notice that one of the crystals is shining if you go to the menu. To exit the room, step onto the object behind the crystal.

Return to Melmond and take a nap. Time to set sail for a very long distance. Once you’re ready, head south of Melmond on your boat until you cross the point of land where the terra cavern once stood. After that, travel far to the west until you reach land. Your boat should be able to dock somewhere nearby. The next town, Crescent Lake, should be seen after a little distance to the south and to the left.


Prices in this location are quite high. Get your warrior a mythril shield and mythril gloves from the armour store. Ignore the weapon shop; it has nothing worthwhile. You’ll want stona in the white magic store as soon as you can purchase it. Additionally, remember to leave room for warp2 so you may grab it later.

When you have the extra money, purchase either shld2. Bolt3 is what you desire at the black magic store right now. And Quake is great. If you have the money, Reaper is lovely. Stun is not worth the effort. Meet the twelve sages on the east side of the city.

They will provide you with the most recent information on what is happening with regard to relighting the crystal orbs and what the four fiends are up to (you killed one of them already). You’ll receive a canoe from one of the sages. You can now travel on rivers as a result of this.

Additionally, there are locations where rivers meet the ocean where you can moor your boat. You might want to do this if you need to level up because the area outside of town is not horrible for doing so. You must travel to Guru Volcano when you are prepared to battle the fire fiend. You should ideally be level 19 or so. When I completed this task previously, I was level 17, and I found it challenging to defeat Kary.

GULG (Guru volcano)

Stock up on potions, then go from the city and board a river. The river must be taken to reach Guru Volcano. Move left, up, right, left, and left each time the river splits. You ought to head straight for the volcano. For entry, step on it. You will lose 1 HP for each step you take on the red lava. Even if it doesn’t sound too horrible, it does add up. I advised you to pack all of those potions for this reason.

To access the second floor from the first floor, proceed to the room’s upper left corner. There is a tonne of treasure on this floor. The following items are available if you want to complete the set: a mythril helm, a claymore, a silver helmet, gauntlets, shield, and axe; a hut; an antidote; two potions; and a total of 7275 gil.

Simply walk all the way to the left to get to the next floor if you decide to overlook the prize (you should, it is not worth it right now). Nothing is on the floor below. simply turn right There is a lot of lava on the following floor. You need to move to the room’s opposite corner. To walk on the least amount of lava possible, move from one dry location to another. Here, too, there is no hidden treasure.

There is no treasure on the upper floor, which resembles a maze. Travel far left, down, down, and left. The subsequent room features a nearby treasure room that contains a gold needle and 2750 gold. When the route forks, continue walking until you reach the room with the treasure chest. 1760 gil are present. Up until you come upon a treasure room, continue on the left path. Hey! an impasse.

The loot will consist of an Ice Brand, a Flame shield, and 8220 gold pieces. Put that on your warrior, please! Return to the fork in the route and descend this time. A second fork in the trail and a room with treasure are both there. Take the lower path once you have your 165 gil. On your way, you’ll pass through another room with a staff and 1250 gil.

The eighth floor divides into two sections. Oh no! How am I going to survive?!? Stop crying. Eight roads are present, but six lead nowhere and contain either no treasure or only empty chests. Take the west route first. You will come across a red dragon defending a treasure box. Take your new flame mail and kill him. Put it on your warrior as soon as possible. Take the south-west route now.

Prepare for battle by giving your characters plenty of potions. Kary is called Marilith in the Final Fantasy Origins edition for whatever silly ass reason. Why on earth did they act that way? Regardless, keep attacking. Make your dark wizard use his most potent spells, whether they are bolt or even fire.

Though you should be primarily concerned about Kary’s physical attacks, have your white mage cast nulfire. You might also benefit from casting invis2 in this battle. Light up the crystal when Kary is killed, then move to the area behind where you fought Kary. You’ll be taken away from the volcano. Return to Crescent Lake so you can rest and recover. You now have to go somewhere that is more difficult.


You might wish to level up to at least level 20 before you go, or about level 21. The monsters in the following region are extremely difficult, yet there is no final boss to face. Refill on potions when you’re ready until you have 99. You should locate a small bay if you head a little north with your boat. Canoe up (or down?) the river after leaving your boat parked at the river’s mouth. Go up, right, left, and left each time the river splits. You might even wish to set up a tent or cottage outside this cave before going inside to save some money.

  • FLOOR B1: Basically nothing here. If you come across some difficult adversaries, consider battling them rather than fleeing since if you give them time, they will kill you. After each argument, save the note to your file. Watch out for the Dark Wizard as well. He frequently uses you to wipe his behind.
  • FLOOR B2: Turn left or downward. It makes no difference because you will arrive at the same location after travelling a similar distance.
  • FLOOR B3: I’ll let you work this one out for yourself.
  • FLOOR B2: Circulate before entering the space. There will be a stone and two boxes of wealth (or just three treasure chests in the NES version). While getting the two treasure chests, stay away from the holes in the ground. A flame sword and a tunic are included. You won’t be able to get to that stone anytime soon. Put the sword on your warrior, then plunge through one of the openings.
  • FLOOR B3: In your initial step, you will automatically engage in combat, but these are only some weak enemies. See how the floor is covered in ice? One stride takes one HP away from everyone, much like the lava. To obtain mythril gloves and ice armour for your warrior, turn left. Return outside and follow the lower path. The right road only leads to a dead end. You now discover more divergent routes. Simply select the bottom one. Once more, the route will divide. There are a whooping 40784 gil on the left. then choose the correct route.
  • FLOOR B1: Get the treasure: A potion AND 10,000 GIL. You can discover an ice shield, a sleeping bag, and 9500 gil in the chamber on the left. then plunge yourself into the nearby hole.
  • FLOOR B2: Upon returning to a familiar location, you will notice that you are now in the middle of those holes, which enables you to obtain that stone. But the evil eye is watching over it. He uses instant death spells frequently and has some mid-level magic, but because of his low health, it should be simple to kill him. then obtain that stone after doing so. Jump down one of the holes once you’ve gotten it.

Go all the way back to the room that contains the treasure and has the one hole in it. Don’t go in the room, though. Instead, proceed up the stairs on the room’s right side. You are outdoors. Hurray!! Return to Crescent Lake to refuel and save. You will now put the stone you received to use. From Crescent Lake, turn south and enter the river. Walk on that desert to the left after paddling a bit further south. Use the stone on your menu’s focal points.

A flying ship! FINALLY! It’s time to open the champagne. You won’t need that useless, slow, goddamn piece of sh*t boat anymore. Your new airship can fly over anything, is twice as quick as a boat, and—best of all—does not engage in haphazard combat! I believe that there should have been an FMV depicting the four light warriors lighting the boat on fire, driving it out into the water, and then enjoying a party with the twelve sages while dousing one another with champagne.


The middle of the world’s map has a cluster of tiny islands with holes in them. Visit this location with your new airship and check out each of the openings. There are no conflicts or other unpleasant events because this place is amicable. These caves are home to amiable dragons who will lecture you on the virtues of bravery. These items should be yours if you recover every bit of treasure from these caverns: a cottage, a tent, a gold needle, and 21220 gold. There is a cave where you can discover bahamut. He will also advise you to bring a symbol of bravery, so let’s do it now.


You must visit the castle located immediately to the right of the dragon caves. There isn’t anywhere to dock your ship close to it, though. If you fly a short distance east of the castle, the nearest location to land would be next to the small desert. Step ashore and proceed on foot all the way to the castle. When you do arrive, you might wish to save some money by setting up a tent or something else before entering.

  1. FLOOR 1F: Speak with the man before going into the room on the left upper corner. You will be taken to a different floor if you sit in the chair.
  2. FLOOR 2F: Walk on the pillars. You will eventually enter a space with two pillars. Select the lowest one. Take the top one from the following set of two. Take the right turn at the next intersection. Gauntlets are all the way to the left as you move. After that, descend and grab the third pillar below.
  3. FLOOR 3F: Approach the room from the top floor. You can discover a healing staff within the chest. Although it is not a good idea to carry this weapon around, you should hold onto it because whenever you use it in battle as an item, it will cast heal2 on your behalf—for free! Now turn left a little distance and grab the treasure: steel gloves, an ice brand, and a ruby armlet. Wander a little ways. Purchase a cottage and 8795 Gil. Pick up that rat’s tail by moving to the right. Your bravery is demonstrated by this foolish rat’s tail, indeed. When you approach the chair, two dragon zombies will attack you. They should be eliminated by Fire3 and Dia3. When you sit down on the chair, you will be back in position F1.

Return to Bahamut’s location by flying back in your airship from the outside. Bahamut will enhance your characters if you speak to him. Your warrior has been transformed into a knight, your monk into a master, your thief into a ninja, and your mage into a wizard. Now that you may equip some of the garbage from the citadel site, you can learn more spells. The first three levels of white magic can eventually be learned by your knight, and the first four levels of black magic can eventually be learned by ninjas. You won’t be able to summon Bahamut, and we apologise for that. Darn it!


On the world map’s northernmost region, there is a town with the same name as the world of Final Fantasy 9: Gaia. Most of the level 8 magic and half of the level 7 magic are located in this town. The best weapon in the game for your black wizard is the cat claw, which is available in the weapon shop. A monk ought to use a claw, right? So be it. Do you want to discover the best way to level up in this game? As follows: Purchase a protect ring for each of your characters from Gaia’s armour store. You are shielded from strikes that cause instant death by wearing this ring. Get their wizards some ruby armlets as well as you have the money.

Visit the ice cave right away. Go to the space where you discovered the stone that provided access to the airship. You will battle that evil eye each time you step on the spot where the stone formerly stood. He only has 162 HP, 806 experience points for each character, and 3225 gold. That is a wonderful offer, especially given that you can fight him as often as you like. And owing to the protect rings, you are safe from his instant death spells. The only drawback is that after fighting this guy countless times, you might ultimately pass out from boredom. Oncrac is your next stop when you’re ready.


Visit the Oncrac settlement, which is located immediately to the left of the dragon caverns. Every time you visit, you will have to walk a bit farther because you won’t be able to park right next to it. There are no weapons or armour here. The only dark magic that might be useful is a sword. When it comes to white magic, nulmgc is useless because all it does is shield you from instant death.

In any case, you ought to have protection rings on everyone. Notice how the female at the submarine claims that whenever she uses it, she constantly runs out of oxygen. To operate that submarine, you need the oxyale. And what’s this? There’s another demon in the lake. Talk to the pirate by the clinic in Gaia. He’ll tell you that he sold a caravan the faerie (which gets oxyale from a spring). Damn.

It would be a good idea to shop around while you are at Gaia. Visit the weapon store and purchase that catclaw for your black wizard. You can locate the remaining level 7 magic right here. For your white wizard, you need purchase both cure4 and dia4. Obviously, your dark wizard needs Ice3. A break is not necessarily negative. Level 8 magic stores are also located in this town. They only each have three spells, though. All of the black magic in this place is lovely to have but not necessary. You’ll want holy at the white magic store. The only offensive white magic spell in the game that can harm any creature is this one. Its casting resembles Yuna’s summoning motion in Final Fantasy 10 a lot.

Due to the fact that each of your wizards needs one more spell, make sure to leave one place open under level 8 magic on both of them. In a town that you will visit later, these final two spells are located. As soon as you’re ready, depart from the city and fly to the edge of the little desert in the upper left corner of the globe. The ship may only land in one small spot near to the desert.

Take a short distance to the patch of trees in the desert’s opposite corner. You may find the caravan by stepping into the small stretch of desert adjacent to the trees. Purchase the bottled faerie, then leave the area. You shouldn’t use that bottle just yet or you’ll have to buy another one. Use the bottle after going back to Gaia’s spring. Your oxyale will arrive. Back to Oncrac now!


You can take the submarine to travel to the sunken shrine after speaking with the girl by it. The room on the top left of floor three has 9900 gil. 2000 gil are located in a tiny chamber to the right. then ascend the steps on the right.

The room on the left has 20 gil. FLOOR 4F. You can obtain diamond armour, suitable for your knight, if you circle the entire area to the top left corner. A mage staff that can cast fire2 during combat is located in the room to the southeast. A light axe that casts dia2 when used in combat is located in the room next to the left of that. 12350 Gil are in the room on the southeast corner. Step out of the room and up the stairs.

FLOOR 5F: There are a lot of talking mermaids here and no battles at all. Wander around and plunder the area. Diamond armlet, diamond gloves, diamond helm, rosetta stone, diamond shield, antidote, and 22660 gil are among the items you’ll discover. Put the most of these junk on your knight. You’ll discover that some of it is completely useless. You might want to just cast warp2 and sell the additional trash in oncrac because you have to return to 3F anyhow. But hold on to your Rosetta Stone. then return to 3F. You must now descend. From the steps leading to 4F, turn left, then ascend a little, and you should see stairs leading down.

Nothing on Floor 2F; proceed north to additional stairs.

FLOOR 3F: This one is easy to work out on your own.


You may find 660 gil on Floor 3F. Moving forward

The room directly below the stairs on floor two has 15825 gil. To discover another room with 5835 and giants gloves, move a little to the west. From there, climb upward to locate another light axe. A ribbon and 19990 gil are located in a room in the centre of this floor. To continue, proceed to the northeast corner.

Go to the large room on the far left on FLOOR F1. Ascend and leave the large area by the opposite door. Continue climbing, and you’ll come to a small room with the third demon inside. Prepare yourself whatever you must, and then kick Kraken in the ass. Bolt3 the victim, then cast Sheild2 to protect your group. It wouldn’t hurt to use Invis1 on some characters, either. Good fortune. Use that Rosetta Stone is what you need to do next. You need to take a nap and save your energy for your upcoming long walk.

LUFENIA (Lefein)

Talk to Dr. Unne in Melmond and show him the Rosetta Stone. Hey, I wish I could pick up a language so quickly. You must now proceed to Lefein. The old peninsula tip where you levelled up a very long time ago is not too distant from the settlement. However, there is nowhere nearby to dock your ship. Up until you spot a little lake, continue flying north along the countryside. You can dock your ship on a small patch of land by the mountain.

You must now proceed ALL THE WAY to Lefein on foot. You could wish to use your walk as a fun opportunity to get experience. Speak with the locals when you arrive. You’ll discover that they claim sole ownership of the airship’s construction. The bell that one man will give you is required to enter the mirage tower, where the final of the four fiends, Tiamat, can be found. Go to the town’s upper right corner before you leave. You can find the hidden magic shops if you keep moving to the right.

Everybody has just one spell. I instructed you to leave a blank area under each wizard’s level 8 magic for this reason. A character will be revived with all of their health. Additionally, your black mage has flare. The best offensive spell is this one. Return to your ship and get ready for the water fall location and the mirage tower.


By Oncrac, canoe up the river. But avoid visiting Oncrac. Up the river you go until you reach a cave. This is the cave with the waterfall. This area is a frustrating maze with numerous dead ends. To the best of my ability, I will assist in guiding you through this. Go left at the first intersection. again departed Left. There are now three options. Pick the left option. You ought to arrive in a room.

You can ask the foolish robot for the warp cube that is required for the mirage tower by talking to him. Take the spellbinder, ribbon, defender, and 134850 gil that are located here. Good for a knight, Defender casts blink during combat. Sell that useless piece of garbage, the spellbinder casts confusion in combat. then warp2… engage, leave now!


Do you recall the enormous desert beneath Gaia? In the centre of that desert stands the mirage tower. To reach there, you had to travel all the way out into the middle of the desert. If you are bubbling with confidence, then you do not need to utilise a tent or anything else to capture images to your memory card before climbing the tower.

Get the prize on Floor F1: a tent, an aegis shield, a vorpal sword, a healing helm, and 24960 gil. To ascend a floor, descend and then pass through the other door.

FLOOR 2F: Circumambulate the area until you can access the centre. Take all of the loot—dragon mail, Sunblade, cottage, Thor’s hammer, and 58985 gil—when you reach the middle. For your knight, dragon mail is equivalent to diamond armour. If you don’t have a sunblade—which is good for ninjas—sell it. Get your white mage Thor’s hammer because it is the best hammer in the game. To proceed, circle directly above the room holding the treasure (you should have walk right by the stairs already).

FLOOR 3F: As soon as you enter the room, a blue dragon will automatically engage you in combat. He ought to be simple. To access the flying fortress, step on that object in the centre of the floor.
Head down for a venom blade on floor F1 (crappy). For 21950 Gil and a potion, turn left. Get the healing helm, protect ring, and 11900 gil by turning right. Then ascend.

You will be in the middle of eight routes, same like at the volcano, if you descend to Floor 2F. For 13880 gil, head west. For a cottage and a mythril helm, head northwest. To obtain the adamantite, you must travel in a south-west direction. Recall the location with the dwarfs? You now have two choices. Grab the remaining loot on this floor, warp 2 out of here, and take some time to rest if you are weak and low on potions.

The dwarf who will manufacture you the Excalibur sword out of Adamantite is Gimli the dwarf, er, I mean smith the dwarf. It can only be used on a knight and is the best sword in the game. Continue if your confidence level is still as high as it was when you first arrived at the mirage tower. Find a black and a white robe in the southeast. They’re garbage. To find diamond gloves, head northeast. For a diamond shield and an additional ribbon, head east. To continue, head south.

FLOOR F3: If you look at the enormous ball, you’ll see that the temple of the fiends—remember garland and the foolish princess?—is situated smack dab in the centre of the area where the four fiend congregate. For the gold needle, shirt, protective cloak, and 24035 gold, proceed to the room on the right. Go up for a potion, a protect ring, and 14450 gold. To reach a dead end, descend. Turn left to discover a gold needle, a sasuke, and 7550 gold. There should be a floor object nearby as well. Step on it.

There are now four pathways on floor four. You will encounter more four-way intersections wherever you go. Simply travel horizontally to intersections before travelling vertically to two additional incarcerations. Go right, right, up, and up, for instance. You should look for another kind of floor.
You might encounter a Warmech adversary on Floor 5F. He is quite challenging, but if everyone survives, you will gain 8000 experience points for each character. Ascend and get ready to battle Tiamat.

I hope you didn’t run out of potions too quickly. I wish the call store feature from Final Fantasy 8 was there in this game. Protect your folks with a shield, then flare him. Holy also works beautifully. Keep your strength up and fight tooth and nail. Although I’ve heard that using poison (bane) on him genuinely helps, I’ve never had success with it. After 1000 HP, he will pass away. Get out from behind the big crystal. Get your Excalibur at the Dwarf Cave, if you haven’t already. Sell all of the leftover junk in any store as well. You should no longer be concerned about money. Snooze and save.


It’s time to get ready for the last leg of your adventure now. If you haven’t already, you might want to fly around and use your wizardry to fill in any empty places. You’re probably flush with gold, so you might as well equip your characters with all of their available spells. Remember that the first three degrees of white magic are now within the reach of your knight. You must now level up. What you should do is as follows: You might be fine with levels around 27 or so if you’ve gotten thus far but are still only at low levels, like 24 or so, and you want to win the game as soon as possible.

However, that is the absolute least, which might be quite difficult. Being at least level 30 is advised. If you want to play the game without too much difficulty, that is. Get to roughly level 35 if you want this phase to be incredibly simple for you. The game need to be simple to complete at that point. You should be fine if you just aim to reach around level 30. Also, stock up on 99 medicines, 99 antidotes, and 99 softs before you leave.

We’re just being cautious. You just want to make sure you have enough, and 99 should be more than plenty. Don’t think I’m saying this because there are a lot of monsters that can petrify you and such. You ought to be flush with cash right now, anyhow. You will also encounter the Masamune, I should add.

One of the strongest swords in the game is this one, and anyone can use it. It would probably make the most sense to put it on your white wizard. Your black wizard may require it more urgently, but he is probably performing spells right now. Return to the fiend temple where you fought Garland when you are prepared.


Talk to the bats, which are actually the sky warriors, at the temple of fiends. You can enter the temple of chaos by stepping through the portal. This location reminds me of Final Fantasy 9. You’ll understand why afterwards.

FLOOR F1: There isn’t much loot in this entire dungeon. Locate the floor’s bottom left corner.

Just head to the right on floor F2.

FLOOR 3F: Descend to the central room before ascending. Although the local monsters are challenging, they provide valuable experience. You will encounter Death Eye as soon as you enter the middle area. Evil eye-like, but only grants 1 experience point and 1 gil. 110000 Gil are contained in the two treasure chests! Oh, my. Stupid floor plate number two. Hey! Why is the earth rod ineffective? Be at ease. Do you still have the lute the princess gave you back in the day? Try it.

FLOOR 2F: Head to the floor’s upper left corner.

FLOOR F1: Reposition yourself in the upper left corner.

The earthen floor is located on Floor B1. Terra subterranean monsters can be found here. They should no longer be an issue. All the way up, all the way to your right. Now descend completely. Stairs should be available. However, you will face a more difficult challenge as you approach it. He can cast flare, so be careful. Stock up on remedies before taking on this idiot. But your assaults ought to be successful. Try to keep your more powerful magic safe.

Welcome to the fire floor, floor B2. Cross the threshold and ascend. Turn to the left, then descend. Find the stairs by turning to the right. You will get into a confrontation with a jerk named Kary/Marilith as you approach them. Magic is not worth your time. Attacking physically should be effective.

You are now on the water’s surface, or Floor B3. To a very large chamber, turn left generally. then descend into the huge room. Leave the room, ascend a little, enter it again, veer to the left, and then descend once again. You must battle the Kraken if you turn left at the bottom of the floor. You get what I meant when I said this is similar to Final Fantasy 9 now, don’t you? Anyway, simply strike the kraken physically.

FLOOR B4: Fortunately, unlike Floor B3, this floor is not a maze. To find the powerful Masamune, go to the bottom right corner of the floor. Go to the corner on the upper right. On your way, you will need to run into Tiamat. Again, just hit him physically. Use an item that casts heal2 every turn on your black mage.

This is it. FLOOR B5. Simply circle around and enter this area at the bottom. I advise you to perform a memo save, cast warp2, travel to a town, save to your memory card, reset, and then come back with your memo save. By doing this, you can keep the Masamune and experience you earned without having to go through anything again. Talk to the man in the room when you’re ready. Hey! Garland, that a$$hole, is who! He makes some grand declarations before erupting into anarchy. Holy, holy, holy, battle, fight. Due to the high damage that some of his assaults will deal to everyone, try to keep everyone’s health as high as you can. Hope he doesn’t heal himself with cure4, which would restore all 2000 of his HP.


PART IV. Monster Chart

Here are all the monsters form the whole game. Sorry, but these are the names from the old version.

Big Eye30435913591LIT
Blue Dragon45432742000FIRE
Bone1093FIRE, HARM
Frost Dragon20017012000FIRE, LIT
Frost Gator14218902000LIT
Frost Giant33617521752FIRE
Frost Wolf92402200FIRE
Gas Dragon35240685000ICE
Geist56117117FIRE, HARM
Ghost180990990FIRE, HARM
Ghoul489350FIRE, HARM
Great Pede32022441000ICE, FIRE
Green Medusa9612181218FIRE
Green Ogre132282300 
Grey Imp161818 
Grey Naga42034894000 
Grey Shark3442361600LIT
Grey Wolf729322 
Grey Worm2801671400ICE
Iron Gol30467173000 
Mad Pony646315 
Mud Gol1761257800 
Mummy80300300FIRE, HARM
Odd Eye104210LIT
Ooze7625270ICE, FIRE
Phantom36011FIRE, HARM
Red Ankylo2561428300 
Red Bone144378378FIRE, HARM
Red Caribe17254646 
Red Dragon24829044000ICE, BANE, BRAK
Red Gargoyle94387387 
Red Giant30015061506ICE
Red Hydra1821215400ICE
Red Sahag64105105LIT
Rock Gol20023851000 
SabT. Tiger200834500 
Sand Worm2002683900 
Scum248420ICE, FIRE
Sea Snake224957600LIT
Sea Troll216852852LIT
Shadow509045FIRE, HARM
Specter52150150FIRE, HARM
T Rex6007200600 
Wizard Mummy1889841000FIRE, HARM
Wizard Ogre144723723 
Wizard Sahag204882882LIT
Wizard Vampire30023853000FIRE, HARM
Wraith114432432FIRE, HARM
Zombie202412FIRE, HARM
Zombie Dragon2682331999FIRE, HARM
Zombull22410501050FIRE, HARM

PART V. Boss Chart

And now the big bad guys.

Boss NameHPExperienceGilWeakness
Kary – Marilith60024753000STUN, SLEP
Lich40022003000FIRE, HARM
Tiamat100054966000BANE, BRAK
Vampire15612002000FIRE, HARM

PART VI. Magic Spells Chart

Magic spells, what they cost, and who can use them. (parentheses are old version names):

Level 1 (100Gil)Level 2 (400Gil)Level 3 (1500Gil)Level 4 (4000Gil)Level 5 (8000Gil)Level 6 (20000Gil)Level 7 (45000Gil)Level 8 (60000Gil)

* Can not be learned by a Ninja (Ninja’s can not learn anything past level 4)
* Can not be learned by a Knight (Knights can not learn anything past level 3)
* Can not be learned by a Red Mage but can be learned by a Red Wizard
* Can not be learned by a Red Mage or Red Wizard
* Can not be learned by a Black Mage but can be learned by a Black Wizard
*(white) Can not be learned by a White Mage but can be learned by a White Wizard

PART VII. Magic Spell Descriptions

Here is every spell and a description of what it does:


This will cast that element. You can use these spells more effectively if you know how. Just use fire on ice monsters and undead monsters. Use ice on fire monsters. Use lit on water monsters. I think you can get it.


The enemy falls asleep and is unable to defend himself.


Cast this on an enemy and the success rate of inflicting damage is raised by 10%.


Causes dark status on enemy.


The enemy becomes comatose.


Cast on ally to increase his strength by 14 points.


The enemy loses its intelligence.


Ally doubles in power.


The enemy gets confused and attacks itself and other enemies.


Poison smoke will terminate enemies.


Transport back a level in cave or other similar area.


Instant death on one enemy. It will not work on the undead.


An earthquake causes instant death on some enemies.


Paralyzes an enemy.


Enemy breaks up into little pieces.


Make your weapons sharper magically. Success rate increases 40% and

damage increases by 15%.


The enemy is blinded and cannot see well enough to attack effectively.


Ultimate black magic attack on all enemies.


Works like petrify on an enemy.


The enemy is forced in to the 4th dimension.


Instant death spell like RUB but more effective.



Ally recovers HP.


A holy elemental attack that only hurts the undead.


Raises allies armor 8 points.

Allies Evade is increased by 40%.


Removes dark on an ally.


Enemy is unable to use magic.


Damage from lighting attack is reduced.


20% increase in ability to avoid attacks.


Damage from fire attacks is reduced.


Restores a little HP to every ally.


Removes poison.


Causes some enemies to try to run away.


Damage from ice attacks is reduced.


Removes mute from ally.


Brings back dead ally with only 1 HP.


Removes stone from ally.


Will let you warp outside a cave or other such area back to the main map.


Protects allies from RUB spell.


Ultimate white magic attack. The only white magic spell that hurts any enemy. It is, of course, holy based so it effects the undead more.


Protects ally from magic attacks.


Strong enemies lose their special defense.

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